Add the realistic look of an LCD display to your software.  This fully customizable display can suit all your software designs.


*NOTE - this software is no longer supported

Download Packing List: [Version History]

  • Puma LCD Simulator (Ocx) v7.70 (Full Functioning 30day Trial)

  • Puma LCD Help File

  • How to Example (EXE and VB Source)

  • Winamp Demo

  • Puma Registration Software

Download File
Location Size Version Date
LCD Simulator

*NOTE - this software is no longer supported

4.70Mb 7.71 Release 02/03/07

Development Environments (Examples)

  • Visual Basic 6
  • Visual Basic .Net (with com wrapper)
  • Visual Studio 2005 [VB8] (with com wrapper)

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System Requirements: (recommended)
Processor: 486 Processor (Pentium or higher)
Memory: 16Mb RAM (32Mb)
Color Mode: 256 Colors or Higher (16bit/24bit/32bit)
Operating System: Windows 98SE
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows NT

Note:  You only receive one 30-day trial.  If you uninstall or remove any of the LCD files your 30-day trial will expire.  Windows XP/2000 has an option to automatically synchronizes with a internet time server.  This option causes your system time to change which can cause your trial to expire early.


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