Kenwood Car Audio

  • Car Audio - Make your software look realistic.


Caller ID

  • Caller ID - Make your software look like a telephone or caller ID display.


MP3 Player

Source Code included in LCD Simulator v7 download (winamp promo)
  • MP3 player - LED or LCD screens like a component stereo system.

  • User interface - Allow a user to see what the output will look like on a real LCD Display




  • Administration Software (Job Status, Printer Status)

  • Printing - Make your software look like a printer display when printing


System Display

  • Workstation - Display the CPU temp, Fan Speed, CPU Usage.

  • Server - Routing Information, Bandwidth, Processes.


General Displays

Custom Pixel - 4x20 Display


LCD Green - (2) 4x20 Display


LCD Orange - 1x16 Display


LED Red - 1x18 Small


LCD Blue - 4x20 Display (Built-In Animation)


Vac Yellow - 2x24 Display


You Can Select Any Colors - 2x24 Display

LCD Properties - online fulfillment service



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